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A consumer bankruptcy filing such as a Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 13 debt reorganization can provide healthful, gradual debt relief to hardworking individuals and families suffering from financial distress.

But bankruptcy protection strategies are not for everyone. If you are weighing useful alternatives to bankruptcy that better suit your specific personal and financial circumstances, our experienced Marine View Law & Escrow, P.L.L.C., lawyers can inform you of all available options and recommend creative methods for putting your legal crisis behind you.

Bankruptcy attorneys Renee Roman and Darcel Andrel Lobo are committed to the legal needs of those who have fallen on hard times. We are dedicated to achieving positive, lasting results for individuals, families and small businesses in financial difficulty because of the national recession, predatory lending or sudden, devastating debt due to medical bills, credit card debt or divorce.

If you have lost your job in greater Seattle, King County or the Puget Sound area, are at the mercy of a mountain of debt and the harassment of creditors — but you are unsure that bankruptcy is the right answer for you — our versatile, knowledgeable law firm can guide you to your goals. Contact us today to arrange an informative, confidential initial consultation.

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Many people try to make their way out of debt by using heavily advertised, so called "debt consolidation" services. Unfortunately, they then find that after paying a debt-consolidation company the necessary fees, they are no closer to true debt relief than they were before.

Our skilled, knowledgeable Washington lawyers can help you explore other alternatives to bankruptcy and home foreclosure such as a mortgage loan modification, lien stripping, a short sale of your home or debt settlement with a lender who is receptive to negotiation of a new interest rate or term for an unsecured loan. It is possible that the entire amount at a loan can be settled for a fraction of the total owed.

The Seattle debt relief attorneys of Marine View Law & Escrow in Des Moines serve clients in King County and the Puget Sound area with quality representation that gets results. Contact us today to discuss alternatives to bankruptcy. Call our law offices locally at 206-701-6564 or toll free at 877-449-4819. We give prompt attention to your email message.

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