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If you are in financial distress and considering filing for bankruptcy, but you are concerned about how these strategies would affect your unpaid tax debts, you could benefit from the sound guidance of the skilled attorneys at Marine View Law & Escrow, P.L.L.C.

Renee Roman and Darcel Andrel Lobo alert you to facts and options you need to be aware of, as to whether tax debt can be discharged in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy. We also advise you on the power of federal bankruptcy protections to stop foreclosure on your home, prevent motor vehicle repossession, avoid garnishment of your wages and end the creditor harassment you may have been facing.

Attorneys at our experienced bankruptcy law firm assist individuals, families and businesses throughout the Des Moines, greater Seattle, King County and Puget Sound areas in Washington. Contact us today to arrange a confidential initial consultation. We can help.

Marine View Law & Escrow Has The Facts You Need About Tax Debt And Bankruptcy

Tax debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy in some cases. Under other circumstances, before we can counsel you on the relationship between taxes and bankruptcy, our lawyers need to know if you have owed unpaid tax debt for more than three years, have filed tax returns on these debts, and if your tax debt would have been assessed by the Internal Revenue Service at least 240 days prior to your bankruptcy filing.

Also, if there are already tax liens on your property, they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. As your attorneys, we will carefully examine the details of your situation and assist you in determining whether bankruptcy provides the solution to your problem — and whether a bankruptcy alternative may be in order.

Learn more about the role that IRS debt can play for your consumer bankruptcy filing by contacting a skilled Seattle tax debt lawyer at Marine View Law & Escrow. We provide a confidential consultation to all new clients. To arrange a meeting with us, call our office at 206-701-6564 or 877-449-4819 toll free. You can also email us.

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