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Eliminating A Second Mortgage Through Lien Stripping

The Washington Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who uses experience and expertise to bring your family back from financial distress — and keep you in the home you worked so hard to afford — is me, Renee Roman of Marine View Law & Escrow, P.L.L.C., in Des Moines.

Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy protection may provide you with the opportunity to keep a motor vehicle that is subject to repossession, maintain your assets and protect them through property exemptions, modify current loans and leases, stop lawsuits, garnishments and creditor harassment — and above all, help you to stay in your home by possibly eliminating your second mortgage, an effective strategy known as lien stripping.

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Marine View Law & Escrow — Explaining Foreclosure And Bankruptcy Alternatives

If you have more than one mortgage, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the most beneficial foreclosure alternative for you. As home values in Washington and across the country have plummeted, many homeowners find that they owe more on their first mortgage than what their homes are worth. If your home's value is less than the value of your first mortgage, you may be able to remove the value of a second or additional mortgage in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

This is the process known as lien stripping — and can offer valuable savings, in addition to preventing mortgage foreclosure efforts by a bank, lender or other financial institution.

Removal of a second mortgage is only one of several foreclosure alternatives you could pursue with my help. To learn more about how to eliminate a second mortgage, resist attempts to foreclose on your home and give your family the "fresh start" it deserves through consumer bankruptcy protection, contact my law firm to arrange your free initial consultation.

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