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Life After Bankruptcy

If you are unemployed, without the ability to pay your monthly bills, drowning in debt and considering personal bankruptcy — but you are suspicious of what a life after bankruptcy will be like — you could benefit from the valuable input of a bankruptcy lawyer with a reputation for positive results.

If you are concerned that you will not qualify for a credit card account or home mortgage loan after bankruptcy, talk to a Des Moines, Washington, bankruptcy lawyer at Marine View Law & Escrow, P.L.L.C. I am attorney Renee Roman and can provide you with the facts you need.

For years, I have reassured individuals, families and business owners in greater Seattle and King County that federal bankruptcy protections are legitimate, productive methods for true debt relief. In everything I do for you, I am committed to creating practical, lasting solutions to your legal and financial problems.

My law firm is a dependable source of support and provides solid recommendations from start to finish of your bankruptcy experience. Learn more about what life after bankruptcy looks like by contacting Marine View Law & Escrow to arrange your confidential initial consultation.

Showing You The Way To A Life After Bankruptcy — And Brighter Future For Your Family

These are just a few of the scenarios you can expect after you emerge successfully from a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • Your home is safe from the threat of mortgage foreclosure.
  • Your motor vehicles cannot be repossessed by a bank or lender.
  • Your wages are free from garnishment by a creditor.
  • You will no longer be terrorized day and night by creditor harassment through the mail, by phone, at your employment or in person.
  • Your consumer debt from credit card and medical bills will be things of the past.
  • Your credit can be rebuilt and repaired, and you can be attractive to lenders again.
  • Your self-esteem will return, along with total confidence in your ability to provide for your family.

As to the impact of a consumer bankruptcy on your credit rating, it is true that a bankruptcy filing will be mentioned on your credit report for seven to 10 years. But you will still be able to obtain credit in the months and years after your bankruptcy has concluded. Many experts believe that, with proper financial management, an individual should be able to rebuild his or her credit, and even qualify to purchase a home as soon as two years after the bankruptcy is complete.

In fact, you will become more attractive to many banks, mortgage and commercial lenders, credit card companies, and finance companies since you will not be able to file bankruptcy again for a number of years.

Chapter 7 individual or liquidation bankruptcy gives you a "fresh start" and a clean slate that allows you the breathing room you need. Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy lets you repay creditors during a comfortable three- to five-year period. The years following your bankruptcy encourage you to rebuild your credit and reclaim your life.

If my explanation of life after bankruptcy makes sense for you and your family, contact Marine View Law & Escrow to arrange your confidential free bankruptcy consultation. Call my Des Moines, Washington, law offices at 206-701-6564 or 877-449-4819 or by email.

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