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Washington Debt Settlement Attorney

At Marine View Law & Escrow, I provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses throughout King County struggling with debt problems. I am attorney Renee Roman and will work directly with you and will successfully represent you in negotiations with your creditor(s) in order to obtain the best possible settlement. I can assist you at any stage, whether you have just started to fall behind, or if several months have gone by since you were able to make timely payments.

Helping You Address Debt Problems

I work closely with individuals who have overwhelming financial challenges, including mortgage arrearages, unmanageable credit card debt or other obligations. Though I can help you obtain relief through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I will first look at other options to manage your debts. This can include:

  • Direct negotiation with your creditors to work out new arrangements: It is generally in your creditor's best interests to work out new payment terms. I have considerable experience and have successfully negotiated many favorable settlements on behalf of my clients.
  • Short sales on real property: I will work with your mortgage lender to obtain approval to allow you to sell property at market value, even if the purchase price is less than the principal amount due on your mortgage. When the short sale is successfully completed, my goal is to make sure that you will have no further obligation to your first mortgage lender. I will also work with junior lien holders to arrange a payment plan or to settle those obligations as well.

I understand the rules and regulations set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which governs abuse by creditors in the debt collection process. Should you decide to retain my firm, I will promptly notify your creditors that I am acting as your counsel, so all further communications will come through my office.

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I provide a confidential consultation to all new clients. To arrange a meeting with me, an experienced debt settlement attorney, contact me by email or call my office at 206-701-6564 or 877-449-4819.