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Boundary Line Disputes

At Marine View Law & Escrow, I am attorney Renee Roman and I can assist property owners if they are involved in a boundary line dispute. As a property owner, you need to protect your property rights immediately whenever another person is making a claim to a portion of your property. I can assist you to protect your property, to ensure that your rights are maintained. Failing to protect yourself and your property could result in legal action against you as well as substantial financial liability.

If your boundary line dispute with a neighbor concerns the location of your property line, I will work to protect your property, while attempting to preserve your relationship with your neighbor. If you are in a situation where a fence or other structure is encroaching on your lot, or you have such a structure that is encroaching on another's property, your future rights can be significantly impacted, and I will represent you in order to achieve the best possible result.

Often a dispute with a neighbor can be resolved without having to result to legal action. But there are circumstances where legal action is unavoidable. In those instances, I am prepared to handle your case for you and file a lawsuit if necessary to protect your interests.

If you are having a boundary line dispute with an adjacent property owner, or simply have questions about a boundary line, please contact Marine View Law & Escrow.

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I provide a confidential consultation to all new clients. To arrange a meeting with me, an experienced boundary line dispute attorney, contact me by email or call my office at 206-701-6564 or 877-449-4819.