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For Sale By Owner Matters

Planning to sell your home for sale by owner (FSBO)? Perhaps you already have a buyer and do not need to market your home, so will not be using the marketing services of a real estate agent. You will still need to have an attorney prepare and review the purchase and sale documents and to advise you during the escrow period. And you must make sure that your documents comply with Washington state real estate law. A great way to make sure that your transaction goes smoothly, without complications, is to employ an experienced real estate attorney to oversee the transaction and help you avoid common mistakes owners may make when selling their own homes.

Real estate law is a product of both Washington state case law and statutes, so is a dynamic area of law that is subject to change, as real estate laws are frequently rewritten and amended. It is important to be aware of current law as it applies to real estate transactions. For example, disclosure requirements are your responsibility as the seller. You should be aware of the importance of these disclosures and how you can protect yourself now and in the future. Experienced and thoughtful advice from a real estate attorney can ensure that your sale is in complete compliance with all relevant laws, and certainly, well-considered legal advice will benefit you even after the sale.

More importantly, your real estate attorney can bring issues to your attention at the beginning of the transaction so that you can discuss these with the buyer early, rather than becoming a larger issue or unpleasant surprise right before closing. When you are selling with a complete understanding of the law you are more likely to get the best price, to complete all the proper paperwork and to take all the steps to ensure a successful, legally binding sale.

If you choose to sell your home on your own, consider hiring me, a real estate attorney, to prepare the purchase documents and advise you regarding the sale. From the preparation of real estate purchase contracts that meet all the current laws, to advice regarding proper disclosure, and the complexities of escrow process, your real estate attorney's contributions will make him or her an invaluable member of your team. If you would like more information, please contact me, attorney Renee Roman at Marine View Law & Escrow today.

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