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If you are jobless in Washington, have fallen far behind on your house payments and your mortgage lender is threatening you with eviction and foreclosure, an experienced and knowledgeable real estate and bankruptcy attorney can help you with the hard decisions you face.

I am attorney Renee Roman and at my firm, Marine View Law & Escrow, P.L.L.C., I offer a comprehensive command of consumer bankruptcy law, bankruptcy and foreclosure alternatives, and determination to provide solutions for your legal and financial problems.

I show you how to stop foreclosure, wage garnishment and creditor harassment. My leadership and solid recommendations give you a glimpse of what your future can look like, once you know and can exercise your legal options.

Marine View Law & Escrow serves home foreclosure and consumer bankruptcy clients — individuals, families and businesses — in greater Seattle, King County and the Puget Sound area of Washington. Contact me to find out more about the many ways I can help you.

Quality Representation For Debtors Threatened By Home Foreclosure

There are several alternatives to foreclosure that can be utilized, provided you contact my firm as soon as possible in the foreclosure process. For example, I can provide a consultation in which I can explore all of your options. This may include loan modification, in which I work directly with your lender to achieve a new, modified mortgage payment that better fits your budget.

I can also utilize the Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act (FFA), which can give you the additional time to work out a plan to avoid foreclosure. This law allows mediation in certain cases, which can work to your advantage.

I will also discuss a short sale, in which you are able to sell your home for today's market value, regardless of what you owe. This is one of my primary practice areas and one in which I have a great deal of experience working directly with mortgage lenders.

And lastly, I can inform you about the foreclosure process, which can seem overwhelming.

Another workable option for many Seattle homeowners who are behind in their mortgage, and wish to keep their homes, is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

This debt reorganization strategy provides both short-term and long-range relief. The automatic stay of Chapter 13 begins as soon as you file and immediately stops foreclosure efforts against you. Over the long term, the Chapter 13 approach allows you to repay your past due mortgage balance over a comfortable three- to five-year time span.

Do you have more than one mortgage? Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide an additional benefit — the opportunity to eliminate your second mortgage. Due to the marked decrease in home values in recent years, many Washington families owe more on their first mortgage than the assessed value of their homes. If your residence is worth less than your first mortgage's value, you can remove the value of an additional mortgage during Chapter 13. This process is known as lien stripping.

You worked hard to afford your home in greater Seattle, King County or the Puget Sound area. You may have improved it over the years and raised your family there. That home contains lifelong memories that no amount of money can buy. Don't give it up without a fight — and I am a client-focused bankruptcy attorney who will fight right alongside you.

To speak with an experienced Seattle foreclosure alternative lawyer, contact Marine View Law & Escrow, P.L.L.C., in Des Moines. I provide a confidential consultation to all new clients. To arrange a meeting with me, call my law offices at 206-701-6564 or 877-449-4819 toll free. You can also email me.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.