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When a loved one passes and an estate is channeled through the probate process, it can be overwhelming for the executor of the estate to know where to start. Our probate attorney, Renee Roman, at Marine View Law, can help you navigate the probate process. Renee has been helping clients settle estates throughout Washington for over 30 years. In this modern era and age you can have an experienced lawyer who dedicates the majority of their practice to Probate administration to help you through probate remotely for every county in the state. She has the knowledge and experience to thoroughly answer your questions and guide you through the necessary steps.

The Probate Process In Washington

The probate process is a legal procedure that takes place after a person’s death, regardless of whether the deceased left behind a will. This process helps ensure the decedent’s assets are properly distributed to their beneficiaries or heirs.

When a person passes away, their assets must be distributed among their heirs or beneficiaries.

However, before this can happen, the probate process must be completed. This process involves several steps, including:

  • Filing a petition with the court: The petition is the initial document that officially opens the probate case and must be filed in the county where the decedent lived at the time of their death. This petition must include information about the decedent’s assets, debts and beneficiaries.
  • Appointing a personal representative: The court will appoint a representative to manage the probate process. This person is responsible for gathering the decedent’s assets, paying off debts and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Notifying creditors: The personal representative must notify the decedent’s creditors of their death and the probate proceedings. Creditors have a certain amount of time to file a claim against the estate for any debts owed.
  • Distributing assets: Once the personal representative pays all debts, they can distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

Generally, the probate process can take six months to a year to complete. However, it can take longer if there are disputes among the beneficiaries.  If the decedent’s estate is below $100,000, a long probate proceeding may not always be necessary. Washington law provides a simplified procedure for asset transfers in those cases.

Probate in Washington can be complex and time-consuming, so hiring a probate attorney to help is essential. Our probate attorney can take over tasks such as filing the necessary paperwork, managing the estate, resolving beneficiary disputes and distributing assets so that the burden is off your shoulders and you are certain everything is handled according to the law.

Dedicated Service, Efficient Execution

With decades of experience helping clients in the greater Seattle, Puget Sound, and throughout Washington state with their estate planning needs, probate lawyer Roman has represented individuals and families whose financial futures depend on the outcomes of their probate matters.

She and her team work with executors, administrators and personal representatives to efficiently complete all the duties required by the probate court to settle an estate. Marine View Law is a full-service estate law firm that provides estate planning services, estate administration assistance and aggressive advocacy when necessary.

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