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What Landowners In Washington State Need To Know About Property Transfers

At Marine View Law, our real estate attorney, Renee Roman, has been helping clients in western Washington for over 30 years. A real estate broker herself, she has the experience and knowledge to assist clients with all their real estate transfer and property transactional needs. Beyond the typical real estate transactions, special circumstances sometimes call for alternative property transfers. If you are considering an inter-family sale or transfer of property, our legal team can help.

Real Estate Transfers In The State Of Washington

There are multiple ways to transfer real estate in Washington state. Common real estate transactions include the purchase and sale of a property using purchase agreements. Property can also be transferred during the probate process. But often, families need options to transfer or sell property to one another for a variety of reasons and circumstances.

In the state of Washington, the transfer of real property must be completed with a deed. The deed has specific requirements. For example, it must be in writing and signed by the person transferring the property (the grantor). It also has to be notarized and include a complete legal description of the property being transferred. While this seems simple enough, the specific circumstances of each real estate transaction have the potential to complicate property transfers. An experienced real estate lawyer can help make sure every detail is considered and nothing is left to chance.

At Marine View Law, our legal team, led by attorney Roman, has decades of experience with real estate transactions. Attentive and responsive to every client’s specific needs and goals, we can help guide you through and advise you on all of the various options available to you with respect to property transfers in and around Puget Sound.

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To speak with a Seattle property transfer lawyer, call us today at 206-792-5549 or send us an email using our online form. We offer free 15 minute initial consultations so that we can go through the specific details of your situation and discuss your real estate transactional goals. Let us explain how we can help you.